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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Why You Need to Visit Michigan Adventure

Michigan Adventure, located in Muskegon, Michigan has so many awesome and fun activities for the entire family. This is an awesome amusement park

Water Parks in Michigan

We were not able to see all that there was to see, but I had a great time. Some of the sites you will want to see when you get there are as follows: The Lagoon, Mine Shaft, Half-Pint Paradise and much, much more. 

1. Food

I was quite impressed with the food. I ordered chicken tenders and they were nice and tender as well as seasons just right.  I usually take a picture of my food, but their food was so great that I completely forgot.

Muskegon Water Park

2. Lazy River

This is an area with small blue tubing and the water is shallow. Children just love to play on the tubing in the water. They can get out and walk in the water as well.


3. Cork Screw

This is a a roller coaster for those of you that like the fast and high rides. It can be thrilling and exciting.

Michigan Adventure

4. Cyclone Zone-Tubing

This tubing started up on top of a high hill. It is as large as the tubing at Splash Village. The children seem to enjoy it and the fact that they slid down this tubing into lots of water. 

5. Commotion Ocean  (click on this link to see more)

What I like about this is that it appears to look just like the ocean. The name of it is very befitting for it also. You actually walk into it. When you hear the buzzer, you can expect a large wave to come. There were several attendants around overseeing this. Also the water is quite shallow. It is not uncommon to see people walking around in their bathing suits at this amusement park, because there is so large a water area.

6. Swan Paddle Boat

Although I am not big for riding the rides the group that I was with convinced me to go on the White Swan Paddle Boat. That was fun and good exercise for me paddling the boat.

Note:   I checked my pedometer on my cellphone.  That day I walked about 3 miles.  So as my grandson said, "Granny you got your exercise in just walking around the park."   That I did. 

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Do You Really Know What You Would Do?

We all might say what we would do in any given situation, but do we really know what we would do? I observed an incident recently that really moved me to action.

How many times have you heard people say, “ I would never do that.” or “Why didn't she just leave that low down person?” Sometimes it is not that simple, because in any given situation you may react differently. Think about the following incidents and imagine how you would handle them.

1. Incident One


I had a disturbing situation one day. As I shopped in the store I observed two ladies. One of them was in a riding cart. I could hear the one lady talking loudly to the other. Some of the remarks she made, really alarmed me. I did not know their relationship to each other as both were older ladies. The one lady stated, “Get out of the cart and sit over there to try on the shoes, you are blocking the aisle.” The fragile tiny lady obeyed. I watched as she walked to the seat, she could barely walk. I felt so sorry for her. Then the same lady that ordered her out of the cart made more remarks. She said, “Did you pass gas?” “Yes you did, you little: f****.” I would not repeat what she said. I asked myself, “Why would she treat the elderly lady like that?"

Walking Away

So I walked away. That was hard for me to do. I know this was none of my business. I prayed silently that this abuse would stop for this elderly lady. Then I thought, I cannot sit by and do nothing. I pondered what should I do? I thought she may curse me out, but so be it. I walked back past them again; she was still talking very badly to the elderly lady. I could see and feel the distress on the elderly lady’s face.

More Conversation

So I walked up to the lady that was talking so badly. I smiled at her and asked, “Are you having a bad day?” She responded, “Yes, she is just not doing anything that I tell her to do. “ “Her family does not want her, I am just the caregiver.” “Her and her brother lives with me." I responded, “I am sorry you are having a bad day, both of you ladies are beautiful ladies, but you know everyone deserves respect. No one deserves to be mistreated. She then replied, “I don’t mistreat her, I am the only one that takes care of her, cause no one else wants her.” This lady really felt justified.

Painful Words

We had more conversation. “Words can be very painful and can kill the spirit.” I emphasized to her. I tried to keep it on a positive note and told her, “I believe that you two will work this out.” “You both seem like very nice ladies.” At this point I did not know if she was going to curse me now or what. She looked at me and smile and said, “Thank you for talking to me.” She smiled, “grasp my hand and said, “God bless you.” Now in that instance, I prayed that I had given her something to think about. This incident was so compelling to me. I did not know how the outcome of this situation would be. It could have turned much uglier. I do not know if I will ever see the individuals again.  I just prayed that this woman does not continue to be abused like this.

I thought to myself, “Could I have done more?” I hope none of you ever are in this type of situation to witness, what I witnessed that day. Like I told the lady that day no one deserves to be mistreated.

2. Incident 2

A Fight

I recall a fight that was in my former neighborhood. I heard a great commotion. When I went to the door, I saw a lady that had a man in a headlock. Now someone had already called the police. When the police approached, she still did not want to let this man go. She eventually let the man go. Now could this have been avoided before it escalated to violence? I don't know, but it is good the police were there.

3. Incident 3

The Parking Lot

Now this was an incident that I think about what I might could have done differently and possibly used as a teachable moment, but I missed it. As my grandchildren and I were in the parking lot going to our car, a lady was calling her child every curse word there was urging her into the car. The young child looked so helpless and the mother was quite frustrated. If you could have seen the looks that my grandchildren gave that woman, it was unbelievable.

These were just a few incidences that I have sited. Think about other incidences that you may have actually witnessed. Could you have done more?

Photo Caption: pixabay, Public Domain

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Thank You to My Blog Followers

To all of my blog followers I just want to take time to say Thank You. This is to let you know that I truly appreciate you. You are the best.

Encouraging words

I just wanted to share 3 of my most favorable and memorable blog posts.

1. How to Ask Open Ended Questions to Your Children

This is one of my favorite articles.  It is important because it discusses the importance of Open-ended questions. There is also discussions about feelings, differences, and favorites. When a child tells you something good or bad, you might ask, “How does that make you feel?”

2. Another memorable post is Will You Be Kind to Someone Today? Kindness can take you a long way. The best thing about kindness is that it is free to receive and free to give. Humans crave connection to others. I believe in giving a little extra for a tip when I receive good service. That is something that I will do, especially when I receive exceptional service.

3. Finally 3 Awesome Blogging Tips 

I am sure that you have heard this before. Content, Media Sharing, and Linky Parties are so important when it comes to blogging. These are valuable tips that should never be overlooked. In the article
Are You a Pinterest Mom Blogger, there is discussion about how mom's are utilizing Pinterest. Also, I can say that I get most of my traffic from Pinterest.

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Blogger's Meet and Greet: July 4, 2017 Independence Day

How will you observe this 4th of July? Remember to be safe throughout your holiday and enjoy it. Be aware of your surroundings at all time.

Independence Day

The Fourth of July, 1976 was declared Independence Day according to en.wikipedia. org.,

Many celebrate this special occasion with fireworks, family reunions, barbecue picnics, go to the beach, parades and much more. I recall as a child, I could sit on my front porch and see the fireworks from the sky.

I remember one summer that my cousin and I spent with my Aunt and Uncle. We worked at my Uncle's Restaurant. He had the hottest barbecue in town in Michigan City, Indiana. Yes we worked the holiday and I did not mind because we usually ate most of the time at the restaurant and I loved his barbecue as well as the experience that I received.

At today's Meet and Greet please be encouraged to self-promote in the comment section below: Do remember to keep your posts clean, positive and family-friendly.    Introduce your blog and tell us about your blog. Feel free to post your blog link. Share about your about page, or your favorite blog posts. I look forward to reading them.

If you are not already subscribing to, I am accepting new subscribers.


You can feel free to return and post your blog here at anytime and not just on the 4th of July. 
If you believe others will enjoy this, please feel free to share with your friends and on social media. More guests are always welcome as this will provide more networking opportunities for you.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Do You Know About this New Technology?

New technology is increasing faster every day. DARPA ( Defense Advance Research Projects Agency) is researching new technology projects daily. What is new today is old tomorrow. Is technology leaving you behind? Are there those that still do not have a cellphone, a computer, or a gps( global positioning system). If you are not careful technology will leave you behind.

New Technology

1. IBM Watson

It is amazing how IBM Watson originally was on jeopardy, but has now gone on to the medical field.
According to 60 minutes IBM Watson can read 1 million books per second and it never forgets what it learns. Can you imagine having a photographic memory and never forgetting anything that you have learned? They have used Watson in the medical field to help come up with creative cancer treatments for various patients. Did you know that AI (artificial intelligence) is used in smart-phones and in many of our household appliances?

2. Charlie Rose did an interview with (Sophia) a robot.

It has been said that there is the possibility that robots with artificial intelligence will eventually be able to think for themselves. It may sound far fetched, but this may happen in the future. The robot that he interviewed appeared to be very life-like.

2. Tablets (Chrome Tablets)

Were you aware that some elementary schools have given their students computer tablets as part of the school curriculum. They have homework on it and they use their tablets a great percentage of their time in school. Yes, I have seen this already happening. Since this is a computer generated age, children seem to love it and use the tablet naturally.

3. Mixing Human DNA with Animal DNA 2011

Can you imagine having human DNA mixed with animal DNA? Well research is attempting to do this. There is a claim that there is 150 hybrids that exists experimenting with human and animal DNA. So it is not a matter of when this will happen, but it is already happening. Animals with human genes Can you imagine an animal with human genes? Can you imagine a mouse that talks or a dog with human hands and feet? That is just how far scientific research has gone according to
It is talked about in the video below.

Will there be a new form of humanity? There is a prediction of it. Is it crossing the line with DNA mixing of humans and animals? We already have genetically modified food, but now there has been advancement to humans. Are scientists possibly creating monsters unknowingly? Will laws need to be amended because of genetically modified humans that have been altered and now considered non-human? What is the world coming too? What are your thoughts on this?

In the Article Technology Now and Then, there is discussion about research on computers controlling the brains. There has also been suggestion of future brain uploading and sharing via the internet.

4. DARPA( Defense Advance Research Projects Agency)

Some of the things that DARPA has been developing are algorithms that predicts your future movements, electronic tattoos on your arm to use as a password, and a pill that you can swallow which will make your entire body as a password.

Photo Caption:

Commons,, GNU Free Documentation

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Sensory Tips for Kids Update

Does your child fidget a lot possibly in the classroom or even when required to sit for any length of time? Have you ever thought maybe it is not ADD (attention deficit Disorder), but rather a sensory deficit?

sensory activities
Do you know the value of sensory activities for your children? How many children have been misdiagnosed and then medicated unnecessarily? You want to get a correct diagnosis from your doctor. If you have observed your child, you may find that there are sensory items that can help your child. Sensory play allows your child's creativity to come out. It helps your young child develop.

Types of Sensory

Did you know that sensory processing may include lighting, smell, and touching and feeling? Yes that is according to sensory processing

1. Fidgeting

Does your child fidget in the classroom such as tipping the chair or tapping her pencil on the desk? According to Rachael,  your child may have a need to fidget. She further adds that such tools such as pipe cleaners, silly putty, sensory bracelets may be helpful to help your child in the classroom. This does make sense. I have seen children that seemingly could not sit still and some had been labeled with ADD (attention deficit disorder). Could they possibly have been misdiagnosed and medicated unnecessarily? It does make you wonder.

sensory room

Sensory play is important for child development. She further added that coloring rice, rice and ice, bottle top and bubble cups  are awesome sensory activities. In fact, I recall one of my children loving to play and dig in the sand. She could get quite messy and dirty, but seemed to just love it. I also recalled attending the children's museum where there was a water and bubble display. The children loved putting their hands in the water and getting wet.

3. Sea Life

Below is a video from Sea Life in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The great thing about the hands on at Sea Life is that everything that you see in the video below could be touched. Children love putting their hands in the water and actually touching the creatures. This was an awesome experience. I even enjoyed it probably more than the children.

In the article  Have You Been to Sealife?   there are several colorful videos that aide in sensory visualization. The fish and their surroundings are quite colorful and delightful to the eyes.

Jill talks and illustrates the sensory mystery game. I just love that. She mentions how she chooses about 10 items to put in a bag. Then the child with eyes clothes would feel and item and attempt to guess what the item was. Hints could be given too. She also, discussed how the item felt. I have tried this with several children. They loved it.

A similar game was played at a party at my workplace. I was required to close my eyes and an item was placed in my hand. I needed to determine what the item was. That proved to be quite interesting, because although the item felt like one thing, I discovered it was something totally different.

Directions are given how to make this sensory jar activity at the Lego Site listed above.  This jar is a mixture of glue, glitter, warm water, and your child's favorite toy. This activity provides visual and tactile stimulation. What other sensory activities or toys do you like?

6. Water and Dirt

Have you observed Children that love to walk and splash in water or puddles? What about the child you tell,”Don't step in the puddle?” Then the child finds the biggest puddle there is to step into. What about the children that loves to play in the dirt or mud? There is a reason for that. Water, mud, and dirt affects those sensory areas of a child. They get to feel the water, feel the mud, and it may feel good to their touch.

It is not my intention to promote Dippin Dots. The children had been telling me that I must try it. I had no idea what Dippin Dots was. Now I finally tasted a Dippin Dots. It is pleasure to the palate. You can get this cryogenically frozen tiny beads of ice cream in various different flavors. The little beads of ice cream reminded me of tiny colorful pearls. The touch of the ice cream to your touch is unexplainable. They have captured the ultimate idea of touch and tasted combined. Now I see what the children were talking about.

Do you have a child that is just fascinated with bugs?   Did you know that there is an insect sensory bin for that? The amazing thing is that there is no end to what your child can create in this sensory bin. It is great that God gives us creativeness in our spirit.  Children just seem to embrace creativity.

Photo Caption:

Public Domain, author Ciell, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.  

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Do Your Kids Hate Church? Update:

Should children have a choice as to whether they go to church? What is the reasoning behind why children do not want to go to church? Are there many children in your church?

kids church 

Are children at church because their parents are forcing them to go to church? Possibly when you and your family joined church and your children were younger, they accepted going to church. Your children going to church was a norm at one time. Then as your children got older into the adolescent and teen years, they started questioning going to church possibly saying that it was not for them.

When I was about 4-years-old I observed my neighbors going to church. My father nor grandmother did not attend. I asked to go with my neighbors, because I was curious. I had already been trying to read my Bible and knew about God, but I could not figure out what was so important about church. After I went the first time I loved it. I did not realize it was a Methodist Church, I just knew it was church.

1. This Church

Possibly your children feel that they do not fit in at this particular church. Could there be a disconnect with with pastor, leaders, or other children at the church? Some pastors may emphasize they are more concerned with the person being saved and that each individual can choose the church he or she wants to attend.

2. Boring

Are Your children saying that church is boring? I recall one of my children stating, “Church is so boring, I do not understand what that man is talking about?” According to a survey from the
Barna Group at 31% of teens stated that church was boring. They further added that 24% felt church was irrelevant to their careers. So when teenagers and young adults start working, does church take a back seat for them? Do they arrive at church halfway through the program on purpose, because they just do not want to be there? This could also apply to adults. I have observed several adults coming into our church service habitually late.

3. Belonging

Do your children feel as though they belong in your church? Sometimes children may feel as though they are not apart of the church even though they attend it, according to
When you think about it, everyone wants to feel as though they are apart of something, including children. I recall as a child going to the Amusement Park with my church. This was an event that I will never forget.

4. Invitation

Children love their peer group. Have your children ever invited a friend to church? Sometimes just having their friend there can make all the difference. Now if their friends go with them to sporting events, skating, or the arcades, why not allow them to invite a friend to church? I recall many children living in my neighborhood when I grew up. Because I loved church, I wanted all my friends to come and enjoy it as well. It never occurred to me that there were those that did not like church. I later became Sunday School Secretary and Church Secretary. This now became a very big learning experience, because my pastor at the time was very meticulous and taught me a lot about bookkeeping and the importance of it.

5. Extra-Curricular Activities

I talked with a group of children and they expressed that they had so many extra-curricular activities throughout the week that they just wanted to sleep in on the weekends because they were so tired.

6. Soccer Games or Other Games

There was a time that Sunday was for going to church, but have you observed that some of the soccer games or other athletic events are now on Sunday?

7. Family

Your church may be a good fit for you, but is it a good fit for your entire family? Do your children feel that they have a part in the church or are they just their? Do they realize the importance of attending church?

8. Length of Service

I have heard children complain about the length of the service. I know I also have heard adults state that when they were children going to church, the service might last about all day, 5-6 hours.
Times have changed. People's attention span is not necessarily that long. Even adults now do not want to sit in church all day. Everyone seemingly has their own preferences.

9. Fun

Is everyone always serious at church? Children want to have fun. They need to know that church can be fun while learning about Jesus. Does your face always have a stern look? Do you smile and even sometimes share a joke to create laughter. Do your children have fun activities at church?

So do your kids hate church? Are they actively involved in your church? Do they even want to be there?

Photo Caption: Pixabay, CCO Public Domain, Photobucket

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